The Olde Wine Cellar, located in Grand Pacific Junction is in the heart of Olmsted Falls.
It offers some interesting glimpses into Olmsted Falls’ past.

  • Herman Fenderbosch (Vanderbosch) was born in 3/20/1851, Liechen Vorde, HollandPhoto of Ole Wine Cellar building
  • Herman’s Tavern was built in 1872. For 25 years the saloon was the “Towns Favorite, frequented by the most influential men”
  • He sold Wine, Cigars and Beer. Herman’s Tavern is one of the 3 oldest commercial buildings remaining in town.
  • In 1874 Temperance Groups in town called for immediate action to close all the saloons. The Saloons allowed horses to be hitched to posts to suffer weather while patrons idled away the time
  • 1900 Herman sold part interest of his tavern to Arthur Dodd (son-in-law). Dry goods, millinery, and groceries were added
  • 1904 Herman retired—his son Henry took over the saloon
  • 1908 Henry closed the shop one last time
  • The building remained vacant until 1945 Andrew Froehlich purchased the shop and set up a shoe repair business his son Walter started a dry cleaning shop in the poolroom
  • 1998 Mike and Suzy Gray opened The Olde Wine Cellar
  • 2010 Mike and Kari Jacobs become new owners of The Olde Wine CellarPhoto of Mike and Kari
  • 2016 Mike and Kari relocate to 7932 Main Street (the former Jenkins Center) and offer snacks, small plates and sharables.
    New store